The rigging of period ship models is arguably the most complex task which any modeller has to take on. The very ccale of the work is daunting. An eighteenth-century man-of-war boasted mile upon of rigging, over 1000 blocks and acres of canvas. The reduce this in scale and yet retain an accurate representation is, indeed, an awesome undertaking. This remarkable book of drawings, however, makes the modeller`s job logical and straightforward. The author has drawn over two-hundred detailed diagrams which show clearly how each separete item of both standing and running rigging is fitted to the masts, yards and sails; belaying plans are included and knots and fastenings are also depicted. Based on the model of the frigate Melampus, this rigging plan is the most detailed available in any publication. Whether a modelmaker need to rig a whole ship or just requires informatin on one aspect, it is all here.

Rigging period ship models